The Homeopathic Emergency Guide

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By Thomas Kruzel, N.D.
366 pages

As homeopathic medicine becomes more available, increasing numbers of clinicians, families and patients are learning how to use these natural medicines to treat common ailments. Using homeopathic medicines, however, is not as simple as matching symptoms with remedies. To get the best results with homeopathic medicines, it is essential to individalize a remedy according to the pattern of symptoms shown in the sick person. Dr. Kruzel’s Homeopathic Emergency Guide is a quick and reliable handbook.


"Concise and well-organized, this should be a useful book for all students of homeopathy."
– Roger Morrison, M.D.

"For acute ailments as well as emergencies, this book provides detailed information about lesser known but important remedies. The Homeopathic Emergency Guide will be vaulable for both the sophisticated layperson and the practitioner."

– Dana Ullman, M.P.H.

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