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Our Mission

Founded in 1983 in Ann Arbor, Michigan by Dr. Lev Linkner, Castle Remedies is a store specializing in homeopathy, quality nutritional supplements, essential oils and flower essences. Our supplements are extensively third party tested and guaranteed. We stock over 1,000 homeopathic remedies as well as combination and topical preparations. Our mission is to serve and support you on your health journey. We are here to help, so let us know how we can help you!

Single Remedy List

Browse all available single homeopathic remedies.

Meet the Doc

We only carry nutritional supplements that have been vetted by our founder, Dr. Edward (Lev) Linkner, MD, ABIHM. At its heart, Castle Remedies is a dispensary for Dr. Linkner's holistic family medical practice. We also serve the general public and accept recommendations from other healthcare practitioners. Since 1983, we've worked with top brands to offer 3rd party tested and high quality supplements that you can trust.

Classes at Castle

We currently offer two pre-recorded online classes.

Our Introduction to Homeopathy class offers a great foundation for beginners. In this class, we learn what homeopathy is and how it began over 200 years ago. We introduce over 30 common, useful remedies and learn how to discern which remedy, potency, and dose to use. Our goal is to feel confident in choosing remedies for ourselves and our loved ones.

In our Herbs for the Michigan Gardener class, we learn how to grow and use 20 culinary and medicinal herbs suited for the southeast Michigan garden. We cover preservation techniques, basic medicine making and crafting such as herbal oils, poultices, infused honeys and vinegars plus more! We also learn to identify and use common edible "weeds" and even a few plants to avoid.

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We carry a nice collection of books. Topics include holistic medicine such as homeopathy, herbs, supplements, aromatherapy and flower essences. We also carry books about women's health and spirituality. Rare finds include homeopathic materia medicas and clinical repertories.

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Essential Oils

Single oils, combination oils, roll ons, books, aromatherapy diffusers and more. We carry Aura Cacia brand essential oils, whose dedication to quality, purity, and affordability is second to none.

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Flower Essences

Flower essences offer gentle support for emotional and spiritual troubles. We proudly carry Flower Essence Society brand single essences as well as Bach Rescue Remedy products.

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We carry a wide range of herbal products including capsules, candies, dried herbs, salves, syrups, teas, tinctures and more.

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In addition to our vast collection of single remedies, we also carry many homeopathic combination products, homeopathic kits, cell salts, as well as gels and creams for topical use.

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Nutritional Supplements

Our collection of top-notch nutritional supplements come from the best manufacturers in the industry. Our supplements are third-party tested with quality and identity guaranteed.


I am grateful to be in the town with Castle Remedies. In addition to the homeopathic remedies I seek, they have a treasure trove of other items and a buyer with wonderful taste. The staff is helpful and always pleasant.


An Ann Arbor treasure.


I shop here all the time because I know that if a supplement claims to have a particular ingredient in a certain amount, it is true. This shop only buys from companies that are certified.


Great place for homeopathic medicines and natural products, you can call and place your order and they will keep your packet ready. Great service by friendly staff.


What an amazing company! I received my order in two days. Kudos to the person answering the phone and patiently and kindly handling my order with wonderful courtesy.


This place is SO COOL! First time here and both ladies I talked with were super helpful, kind, and accommodating. Very approachable. Great stock of homeopathy!! Great prices! Can't complain about anything! Really neat gift items and fun to look around too. Definitely recommend!


Author information

Always helpful, and when I call about something I need always giving me the clear answers I need... They are always friendly and courteous and helpful. I'm very grateful they have the homeopathics I need so I don't have to order online and wait for delivery. Keep up the good work!


I lived in Ann Arbor for 24 yrs and I’ve been going to Castle Remedies for most of those years... whenever I'm in town I go to the Castle on Huron Pkwy. As soon as you walk in your greeted by soothing smells and sounds it's amazingly soothing upon entry. That's the first thing I love! The staff is always approachable and professional. They help you as much as they can and the have everything!


Awesome store. Period.