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Castle Remedies Homeopathic Pharmacy in Ann Arbor, Michigan USA

Open to the public since 1983, Castle Remedies is a primary source for homeopathy in Michigan.  We stock over a thousand homeopathic remedies listed in the Materia Medica, potentized from 3X to CM, as well as a large variety of homeopathic combination products and topical preparations. In addition, we provide you with botanical and nutritional supplements that have been researched and assayed for purity and potency and found to be of the highest quality.  We provide a full line of herbal tinctures, flower essences and aromatherapy oils.  Visitors are often surprised and delighted to find that we also carry beautiful, unique jewelry and gifts as well.

At Castle Remedies, we encourage people to be proactive about their health.  We are happy to assist you in working with your health care provider.  Come visit us and meet our friendly, knowledgeable staff. We are proud to serve the Ann Arbor area and beyond. We offer shipping services within the United States.

Dr. Lev Linkner's COVID-19 Recommendations

Click to read Dr. Linkner's recommendations regarding exposure to COVID-19 and vaccination. These recommendations are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease.

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Classes at Castle Remedies

Our Introduction to Homeopathy workshop is now available online! Learn how to use homeopathy for the care for yourself and your loved ones. Topics covered in the class include a history of homeopathy,  guidelines for choosing and using remedies, potency and dosage information, in-depth study of 27 commonly used remedies for home care,
biochemic cell salts, and emergency first aid.

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Homeopathy Kits

We stock a number of handmade homeopathic kits. Our most popular is the Home Care Kit, which contains 35 common remedies a great discounted rate. Other kit options include the Kid's Kit, the Student Stay Well Kit, the Birth Kit and our travel-friendly pouch kits: Infant, Emergency First Aid, and Travel.



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