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Online Class

Introduction to Homeopathy

Topics covered in the class include a history of homeopathy,  guidelines for choosing and using remedies, potency and dosage information, in-depth study of 27 commonly used remedies for home care, all 12 biochemic cell salts, and recommendations for emergency first aid.

Learn to Address Common Acute Symptoms At Home:

Colds, coughs and sore throats - Flu and fever - Headaches - Minor infections - Skin conditions - Stomach problems - Minor injuries - Infant colic & teething

Our main focus is on putting our knowledge of homeopathy into practice for ourselves and our loved ones. We will learn how to choose remedies and how to use them. The class contains 4 hours of pre-recorded videos which can be viewed at your own pace.  Downloadable resources include our 60-page Homeopathic Home Care Manual eBook (normally $9.99), recommended homeopathic book list, dosage techniques for animals and infants, surgery care tips, class slides and more.

The class is hosted on a teaching platform called Podia.  In order to participate in the class, you'll need to create an account with Podia.  Then, you can use the Castle Remedies "Podia Portal" to access the class.  You can take the class at your own pace.

Online Class

Herbs for the Michigan Gardener


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Growing herbs benefits both you AND your garden. In this class, we'll learn how to grow and use 20 culinary and medicinal herbs suited for the southeast Michigan garden. We'll cover preservation techniques, basic medicine making and crafting such as herbal oils, poultices, infused honeys and vinegars plus more! We will also learn to identify and use common edible "weeds" and even a few plants to avoid.

This 2-hour-long class is presented in a prerecorded format that allows you to view at your own pace.

Meet the Teacher

Caitlin Potere

Store manager Caitlin Potere has enjoyed working at Castle since 2012.  She first learned about homeopathy from Mary Tillinghast and Dr. Lev Linkner. Before moving to Ann Arbor in 2011, Caitlin attended college and studied pharmacy and premedical sciences.  She went on to become a community herbalist who has studied with David Winston, jim mcdonald, and the Gaia Center in Ann Arbor.  She is avolunteer coordinator of the annual Great Lakes Herb Faire, which takes place in Chelsea, Michigan. She enjoys cooking, hiking, reading and gardening. She's involved with Project Grow in Ann Arbor, where she maintains a perennial herb garden for teaching and medicine harvesting.