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40th Anniversary Special: Astrology Chart

By Caitlin Potere  •   4 minute read

40th Anniversary Special: Astrology Chart

And now for something fun!  As our 40th anniversary approached, local astrologer, homeopath and long-time patron, Paul Stapler, encouraged us to look at the astrology chart for Castle Remedies.  Now, I'm no astrologer (and I didn't even know you could do a chart for a business!), but I've included some highlights from the chart that I found interesting, along with some comments.


Name: Castle Remedies

Birth Date: December 27th 1983

Time: Unknown (most likely around 12pm - 2pm)

Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan


Full Chart


Our Notes:

Sun in Capricorn: "These people know how to do things - and to get things done. They need to feel effective in the real world to be satisfied. They have a strong sense of society and its framework and feel most secure when they're doing their part within that framework. They wear the best clothes ((beautiful scarves!))

Capricorns can sometimes be lonely ((no other homeopathic pharmacies in town!)) Enormously creative in the material world, with a strong sense of tradition and responsibility. Dependable, loyal, and good on their word.

Sun in the eleventh house: a humanitarian who aims to treat everyone as equals. Seeks to be unique and do your best to avoid bias and prejudice. Your identity is somehow linked to a larger unit than yourself. You have magnetic appeal, as people sense your broad tolerance and openness. Friendships you establish are crucial for your development. A successful career thanks to the support of patrons, friends or relations.

An independent thinker.

Conjunction between the Sun and Neptune
A marked appreciation for music and the arts. A sensitive and spiritual dimension. Naturally compassionate. It is so completely natural for you to accept that there is more to the world than what's before your eyes that you absent-mindedly presume everyone must be spiritually inclined. Of course, you come to realize that this is not the case at some early point in your life.

Your attraction to spirituality and metaphysical subjects is usually marked. You are sensitive to those suffering. They are naturally and genuinely empathetic, compassionate, and intuitive. Their observations and insights are unique and fascinating, making them an original and helpful guide.

Moon in Libra gives a drive for harmony, peace and sharing.

Sextile between Moon and Midheaven points towards forward movement and popularity in the professional life.

Mercury in the Eleventh house: You have lots of friends.

Jupiter in Sagittarius: They attract the most good fortune when they are open-handed and generous, tolerant, and practices what they preach. Very philosophical, forward-looking, and enthusiastic. Strong morals.

Jupiter in the 10th house: Their success follows on from that of the parents or in their home town. ((This is an interesting bit because Castle Remedies can be considered the "child" of Dr. Linkner's practice. Even though Castle has moved once, it stayed within its home town of Ann Arbor.))

Conjunction between Jupiter and Neptune: They are very generous and altruistic, helping people in difficulty. They know how to listen and make others feel heard.

Saturn is in Scorpio: They might become a fanatic of a creed, a party, work or a religion in rare cases. ((We are definitely a fanatic of homeopathy))

Saturn in the eighth house: This position sometimes points to not being financially very well off, average salary. ((Sounds like your average small business to me)) Long life and natural death, if the aspects allow. ((A life well lived))

Neptune in the 10th house: They are a very idealistic person, preferring to see their ideals, hopes, and dreams made concrete and real in the everyday world. They are driven to put ideals into action. They have great ambition, which sometimes can be taken to obsessive levels. They may always want to check work already done, as they are terrified of being less than perfect. ((Be right back, triple checking your pick up order.))

Ascendant is Aquarius: How unique and original Aquarius rising natives come across! These individuals are just that -- individuals, and they won't let you forget that fact. hey often are curious, and quite learned, in both science and metaphysics--anything that involves advancement of the human race holds much appeal. They generally give others quite a bit of freedom--accepting, as a rule, people from all walks of life as equals. They're also adept at getting things to work, even when the parts that make up the whole seem like a puzzle with unusual pieces--especially when it comes to groups of people.

Cancer on House VI: Good in jobs in contact with the public.

Capricorn on House XI: Stable friendships with composed, wise people, from whose experience of life benefit and enrich their own life. ((I think this beautifully describes our lovely, loyal and wise clientele.))

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