T-Relief™ Arthritis Cream 2 oz Tube

Temporary relief of minor arthritis pain, joint pain and stiffness


  • T-Relief Arthritis Ointment now formulated with organic Aloe, organic Coconut and organic Safflower oils!
  • Safe for stomach and liver
  • Add on top of other pain medicines to get EXTRA relief
  • Convenient flip-top cap
  • Add T-Relief™ Arthritis to usual pain regimen for additional relief
  • Safe to take with other medicines - No known interactions with other medications
  • Reduces the pain that causes lack of mobility
  • No petrolatum
Bryonia alba 2X Relieves arthritis pain
Arnica montana 2X Relieves joint pain
Dulcamara 2X Relieves joint pain
Sanguinaria can 3X Relieves joint pain
Rhus Tox 4X Relieves arthritis pain
Cartilago suis 4X Relieves joint pain
Embryo suis 4X Relieves joint pain
Funiulus umbili- Relieves joint, back
   calis suis 4X    pain
Placenta totalis Relieves back pain
   suis 4X
Ledum palustre 6X Relieves joint pain,
Bryonia alba 6X Relieves arthritis pain
Sulphur 6X Relieves joint, back
Symphytum off 7X Relieves joint pain
Rhododendron Relieves arthritis pain
   chrysanthum 8X
Bryonia alba 12X Relieves arthritis pain

Claims based on traditional homeopathic practice, not accepted medical evidence. Not FDA evaluated.

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