Student Stay Well Kit

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Send your college student off with our Student Stay Well Kit for their wellness and your peace of mind.


The Student Stay Well Kit contains five homeopathic remedies in 2 dram (approximately 40 doses) amber glass bottles, with instructions.  The kit box is made from durable plastic and its small size is a perfect fit for a locker or dorm room.


Aconite 30C

  • The first remedy for cold, any early onset of symptoms.
  • Also used for feelings of panic or fear.

Arnica 30C

  • Injury to soft tissues, bruising, swelling.
  • Used for accidents of any type.

Coffea Cruda 30C

  • Helpful for feelings of nervousness and inability to sleep due to your mind racing.
  • Used when you feel like you have had too much coffee.

Gelsemium 30C

  • Used for symptoms of extreme exhaustion.
  • Lingering cold and flu, great tiredness.

Nux Vomica 30C

  • Useful for symptoms caused by over indulgence of any kind.
  • Too much food, alcohol, head aches.
The kit also contains:

Oscillococcinum 200C one vial

  • Used to prevent the duration and severity of flu-like symptoms.

Bach Rescue Remedy .35 ml

  • Add to water bottle for times of uncertainty and anxiety.

Two locally made salves by Bronwen Gates for external injuries.

Emergency C with minerals and vitamins (10 packets).

  • Great "pick-me-up" after a hard day.

The kit contains a brochure with instructions on use.

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