Sensations: The Healing Power of Homeopathy

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By Ildiko Ran, CCH, and Anna Menyhert, PhD
232 Pages


According to Sensations a homeopath can find the best remedy for one's ills by listening to a description of the bodily sensations one experiences when having a headache, a skin rash or just a bad day.

Ran masterfully describes the intricate behind-the-scenes details of a homeopath s mind drawing upon her own clinical experiences working with the Sensation Method. She outlines and illustrates this approach in an easy-to-understand and enjoyable format. The book consists of ten descriptive cases, where the reader gets acquainted with the lifestyles and problems of ten distinctly different people seeking help with migraines, menstrual cramps, carpal tunnel syndrome, hypertension, acute kidney colic, and children with autism, head lice, and eczema. Interspersed in the dialogue between homeopath and client you read about the homeopath s thought process and follow the events like a Sherlock Holmes detective story.

The book is suitable and informative for the novice as well as readers more seasoned in homeopathic philosophy. Homeopathy is a popular holistic healing modality that helps the body heal itself gently yet effectively.

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