Satori™ Vocal Rescue Spray 1 Oz

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Herbal Throat Spray

Formulated as a refreshing herbal liquid, Satori™ Vocal Rescue provides a positive response to the effects of pollution, dryness, smoke and simple over-use. All natural formulation of the highest quality botanicals, extracted to enhance their soothing, healing effects!  Featuring a pleasing sweet mint flavor.

People who require the utmost vocal comfort and clarity possible will benefit from regular use of Satori™ Vocal Rescue, as will all people who simply want to pamper and protect their throats naturally. One of the best ways to keep your voice clear and smooth is to moisten your throat and vocal cords! Attractively packaged in a 1 fl oz clear glass bottle, with convenient spray top.


Shake well, spray 3-6 times in mouth as desired.


Organic spearmint leaf, echinacea purpurea root, organic stevia leaf, osha root, organic safflower, honeysuckle flowers, orchid root, peppermint oil, vegetable glycerine, organic alcohol (15%), and water. (450 sprays)

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