White Sage Incense Bundle

$ 8.95

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Clears Mind and Body, Purifies Space

The Sage Spirit™ Incense Bundle is made from white sage and wrapped with 100% cotton string. For centuries, Native Americans have used this sacred herb in ceremonies, for cleansing and sending out prayers. Enjoy the benefits known to our Native American brothers and sisters for generations.

Sage Spirit™ is located in Lindrith, New Mexico, where the climate is high desert.  All the herbs are gathered with great love and respect to Mother Earth, and blue corn is given as an offering of gratitude.


Ignite one end of the wand over a fireproof dish, on a heat-tolerant surface. Once a flame is established, gently bow out the flame. The wand should be smoldering with no visible flame. Proceed with smudging. Extinguish in sand.


Exercise caution with placement, handling, and disposal of used wand. Always extinguish smudge wand completely. Do not leave burning wand unattended. Keep out of reach of children. Not intended for human consumption.