Rose Otto Precious Essential Oil 0.5 Oz

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Rose Otto (Rosa damascena) is an intense, immensely rich, floral oil used in all types of perfumes. One of the oldest and best known of all the essential oils, rose otto has a powerful effect on the emotions and the spirit, bringing harmony and peace while dispelling fear and tension. The potent aroma of rose is associated with many emotional rites and practices – it corresponds with feelings of romance and joy.

Rose otto and rose absolute essential oils can come from the same species of rose. Rose otto is steam distilled and rose absolute is solvent extracted.

Aura Cacia Rose Essential Oils originate in the Valley of the Roses in Bulgaria, where the plant is much revered and the flowers are harvested by hand in a tradition that is centuries old. The potent aroma of rose is associated with many emotional rites and practices – it corresponds with feelings of romance and joy. Rose blends well with many essential oils, including lavender, helichrysum, neroli, ylang ylang, patchouli, citrus oils, and sandalwood. The very complex rose essential oil has some top note qualities but is considered a middle to base note. 

Aura Cacia Rose Otto in Jojoba Oil is a pre-diluted blend of Aura Cacia Rose Otto Essential Oil and Aura Cacia Jojoba Oil – an affordable way to enjoy the essential qualities of this exotic, precious botanical right out of the bottle.

Convenience — blending with jojoba oil makes these essential oils ready to use right out of the bottle and suggested uses are included on each label!

Applicability — blending with jojoba oil makes the oils ideal for direct skin application. *Note: all essential oil products should be tested on a small area of skin before being applied more generously.

Suitability – jojoba oil is appropriate for all skin types. 

Absorbability – jojoba oil absorbs quickly into the skin.

Affordability – this formulation makes some of the higher-end essential oils more affordable.

Durability – jojoba doesn’t oxidize so it helps extend the life of the essential oils.


There are so many ways to use essential oils! The above suggested uses are just an introduction to a wide variety of quick tips and recipes available from Aura Cacia. Because essential oils are highly concentrated, we recommend diluting them in a carrier product like skin care oil, water, unscented lotion, or unscented liquid soap. Follow this guide for safe, effective use. 




Suggested Uses

Quick Tip Diffuse with lavender at night to summon tranquility.


Botanical name

Rosa damascena


Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Oil, Rosa Damascena (Rose) Oil.


Purity Guaranteed
  • Paraben Petroleum Free
  • No Synthetic Fragrances
  • No Synthetic Colors or Stabilizers
  • No Animal Testing
  • 100% Pure Essential Oils
  • Paraben Free
  • No Synthetic Colors or Fragrances
  • GC/MS Tested for Purity