Riding the Wave of Change

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Hope, Healing and Spiritual Growth for Our World


By Eve Wilson
173 pages

From "extraordinary" healer, author, teacher Eve Wilson comes a deeply beautiful, spiritual and practical book to touch you on many levels.  Riding the Wave of Change will restore your confidence in life on Earth.

The evolution of life we are experiencing now is as significant for life on earth as when the first land creatures emerged from the primordial swamp.  Beneath the apparently negative evolutionary indicators of our present age which include global warming, overpopulation, limited resources and damage to the environment due to human technology, there is a true evolution of soul.  This deeper evolution has always been the underlying reason for life.  This book is about that positive aspect of evolution for planet and soul which is called ascension.  Ascension is the journey by which we emerge from the swamp of our lower energies of hatred, fear, and destructive behavior and evolve into our true potential of union with our own higher intelligence, purpose and love.


"More than enlightening, Riding the Wave of Change is a light to pierce fear's darkness and connect us to the everlasting light of love." - Best Selling Author, Annette Rochelle Aben

"This book reads like a song." - Penny Golden, Published Body Mind Spirit Guide Magazine

"A profound walk through our soul's journey and how to flow with these tumultuous times, surfing the way towards ascension in superconsciousness." - Rev. Richard Jelusich, Ph.D., Prof CIHS, President,  UCM