Homeopathic Home Care Remedy Kit

Castle Remedies

The Homeopathic Home Care Remedy Kit includes 35 of the most common remedies for yourself and your loved ones.  Each remedy is dispensed in a 2 dram amber glass bottle, each containing about 40 doses of pellets.

Remedy symptoms include:

  • Flu and Fever
  • Headaches
  • Minor Infections
  • Skin Conditions
  • Stomach Problems
  • Minor Injuries
  • Infant Colic/Teething
  • Coughs, Colds, and Sore Throats

These remedies are covered in our Homeopathic Kit Class offered several times a year.

Castle Remedies also offers a companion Kit Manual which details each remedy in the kit and contains an repertory index to help you select a remedy.

Contents of Kit:

All remedies come in 2 dram bottles (40 doses) and are 30c potency.

  1. Aconite
  2. Apis
  3. Arnica
  4. Arsenicum
  5. Belladonna
  6. Bryonia
  7. Cantharis
  8. Carbo Veg
  9. Chamomilla
  10. Colocynthis
  11. Dulcamara
  12. Gelsemium
  13. Hepar Sulph
  14. Hypericum
  15. Ignatia
  16. Ipecac
  17. Ledum
  18. Merc Sol
  19. Nux Vomica
  20. Pulsatilla
  21. Rhus Tox
  22. Ruta Grav
  23. Spongia
  24. Stictca
  25. Cocculus
  26. Kali Bi

Tissue Salts (6x)

  1. Aloe
  2. Calc Phos
  3. Calc Sulph
  4. Ferrum Phos
  5. Kali Mur
  6. Mag Phos
  7. Nat Phos
  8. Nat Sulph
  9. Silica

Bronwen’s Healing Salve 1oz.

Bronwen’s Soothing Salve 1oz.

The 3-tier kit box measures 9.75" wide by 7.75" deep by 8.3" tall.  Inside are 18 adjustable compartments which each measure 3.6" wide x 2.4" deep x 3" tall.  The inner compartments can be dismantled to offer a larger space.  The handle on top is nice and sturdy.  The heavy duty closures slide to open and close.

Each compartment can hold 12 2 dram bottles, which means that this kit box can accommodate up to 216 2 dram bottles!

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