Itch Nix Gel® 4 Oz

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Herbal Topical Relief for Poison Oak and Ivy

Itch Nix® was formulated for poison ivy, poison oak, and unfortunate summertime misadventures. With soothing aloe vera as a moisturizing carrier, the herbal nutrient formula includes:

  • Skin Soothers – Clove bud oil, menthol, and calendula extract
  • Immune System Supporters – Nettle, Echinacea, witch hazel, comfrey
  • B Vitamins – Thiamine HCl, pyridoxide HCl, riboflavin, B12

Together, these innovative ingredients balance and soothe the skin while providing a more immediate cooling sensation to mask the itchies! Be prepared for summer snafoos; make sure Itch Nix® is a part of your household first aid kit.


Purified water, propylene glycol, aloe vera gel, glycerine, hydroxyethyl cellulose, clove bud oil, menthol, camphor gum, ethoxylated castor oil, allantoin, ferric ammonium citrate, botanical extracts (nettle, Echinacea, witch hazel, comfrey, calendula), thiamine HCl, pyridoxide HCl, riboflavin, phosphate, cyanocobalamin (B12).

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