Homeopathy For Musculoskeletal Healing

By Asa Hershoff, N.D., D.C.
Published 1996
Paperback, 314 pages


Through a meticulous labor of love, Dr. Hershoff has produced a virtual musculoskeletal textbook for chiropractors and physicians who are pursuing a course of natural health care for their patients. The heart of his book, the first of its kind, addresses the homeopathic solutions for musculoskeletal complaints commonly seen in practitioners' offices and commonly experienced by many people in the course of their lives. As he focuses the reader's attention on the musculoskeletal keynotes and affinities of the homeopathic materia medica, easy to read illustrations and charts help us reach the homeopathic cure, (or similimum) for many acute and chronic conditions. This book has the potential to relieve much human suffering.

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