Homeopathic Home Care Kit Manual

$ 24.95

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By Mary Tillinghast
Spiral Bound Soft Cover
63 pages

Digital PDF version available for $9.99

Castle Remedies' exclusive Homeopathic Home Care Kit Manual is a detailed manual for the use of the 35 homeopathic Remedies included in the Home Care Kit and can also be used for the Student Kit, Kids Kit, and Pouch Kits.  It is a handy quick reference for finding remedies for common household ailments like sore throats, coughs and colds, flu symptoms, headaches, joint pain, muscle cramps, digestive upsets, and more.

Written by Mary Tillinghast, the manual includes instructions on the most common uses of the 35 remedies as well as a short history of homeopathy and how it functions.

The Kit Manual is the basic instruction manual used in Castle Remedies Homeopathic Kit Class.

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