Be the Sun, Not the Salt

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By Dr. Harry Cohen
Hard cover


If you are looking for a clear and honest guide to finding your best self, this is it.

Dr. Harry D. Cohen, psychologist and long-time executive coach, has distilled his best advice into one bite-size package--simple wisdom bound to evoke aha! moments. Cohen translates the heliotropic effect, the tendency of living organisms to turn toward the sun, into human terms. Are you like the Sun on leaves of the plant, providing nourishment, encouraging growth and drawing people toward you? Or are you like salt on the plant's roots, causing others to wither, becoming less than they could be? Perhaps a bit of both? Be the Sun, Not the Salt will help you identify your behavior while providing common sense suggestions to improve your everyday relationships and encounters.

Harry completed his undergraduate degree at Cornell and studied his Ph.D. in Psychology at the University of Michigan. He is a local to Ann Arbor, Michigan and believes strongly in the power of leadership through practice. Harry recapped his theory on a TEDx Talk for Elon University of how the benefits of compassion, best self, and positive intent can lead to success. The intent and psychology behind the book is to motivate you to be joyous, positive, and selfless with others. Fans of Dare to Lead, Leaders Eat Last, Thinking: Fast and Slow, and The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life will enjoy this empowering self-help book.

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