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Ledum: The Homeopathic Ally for Soothing Bug Bites and Irritations

By Caitlin Potere  •   2 minute read

Ledum: The Homeopathic Ally for Soothing Bug Bites and Irritations

In southeast Michigan, we've actually had a pretty good summer so far - not too many mosquitoes, in my experience.  They're still present, though, and at least a few bites seem to be inevitable every year.  I'd like to share one of our most popular and useful remedies with you: Ledum.

Homeopathic Ledum is made from a plant known as Marsh Labrador Tea or Wild Rosemary.  The full latin name is Ledum palustre.  In traditional herbalism, the crushed leaves of Ledum palustre are applied topically for bug bites and stings.  In homeopathic literature, Ledum is recommended for minor puncture wounds as well as bug bites and stings.  A specific indication is that the area feels better with a cold application.  Think about those swollen, hot, itchy bug bites that feel relieved by pressing a can of cold soda or bag of frozen peas against it.

You can take Ledum homeopathic pellets orally or topically.  For oral use, 30c potency and 3-5 pellets under the tongue as needed when symptoms arise. For topical use, we recommend StingStop gel by Boericke & Tafel.

Using both oral and topical simultaneously offers a nice two-pronged approach.  If I had to choose just one, I'd go for the StingStop gel.  The gel feels comforting and cooling and it's really impressive how quickly it works.

Personally, I'm one of those people who are very sensitive to mosquito bites.  For me, an untreated bite can take several weeks to completely resolve and disappear.  Probably because I can't stop itching it!  In my experience, StingStop stops the itching within 60 seconds of application and lasts for between 6 - 8 hours and the bite usually disappears within a couple of days.

You can use StingStop and Ledum pellets for any type of bug bite, including mosquitoes, bee stings, spider bites, chiggers, ticks (still go see your doctor if you find an attached tick!), and more.

That reminds me, I recently got some chigger bites at my waistband while I was mowing at my community garden.  Chigger bites are notoriously itchy and irritating.  I used StingStop and it was so effective, I forgot about them!  The rashy bites resolved in about a week.

Ledum is one of those remedies that's great to have on hand.  Many of our clients stock it in their first aid chest.  It's also a great "ambassador" remedy.  Everyone gets bug bites.  Ledum works so quickly and effectively, it yells: "Homeopathy works!"

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