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Castle Remedies
makes it easy to save on your alternative
health care purchases as well as jewelry and gifts.

Shop and Save

Save 5% on what you spend by signing up for the Castle Remedies Frequent Buyer program. With every purchase you accumulate points. Each time your accrued purchases add up to $100, you’ll receive a $5 coupon which is good for 90 days. Just tell us at the register if you would like to be entered into our system.

Save Even More

Customers 65 and over receive a 10% discount on Tuesdays. Just let us know when you reach that magic age.

Saturday Student Savings

We offer our students a 10% discount on Saturdays. Show us your student ID and we'll apply your discount at the register

Track our Weekly Savings

Shop our weekly in-store specials featuring different items each week. To find out what the current weekly deal is, sign up for our newsletter. You will receive an e-mail every Sunday telling you our special sales and new products. Check out our Weekly Newsletter on our home page, like us on Facebook Find Us On Facebook or follow us on Twitter Follow CastleRemedies on Twitter.