Household Homeopathy

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By Vinton McCabe


389 pages

2004 Edition


A Safe and Effective Approach to Wellness for the Whole Family

"Homeopathy is an alternative medical practice that treats a health condition by administering minute doses of a remedy that would produce symptoms that condition in a healthy person.  Homeopathy is the full expression of holistic medicine, one that sees all people as whole beings in body, mind and spirit, in whom all symptoms must then be both interconnected and interrelated.  As a specific form of medical treatment, homeopathy dates back just over 200 years, but the underlying principles of homeopathy go back to the time of Hippocrates.

Those who wish to gain a practical understanding of homeopathy know that study and dedication are required.  This book makes the subject of homeopathy as down to earth and as practical as it can be and provides food for thought.  It discusses the most common homeopathic remedies -- such as Arnica, Hypericum, Calendula, Aconite, and many others -- and how they can be used most safely and effectively.  Household Homeopathy teaches you how to promote healing in yourself and your loved ones in your own home.  It covers the importance of how to handle the remedies, how to select them, and how to use them wisely.

From short-term solutions to long-term fixes, virtually every common health condition -- from headaches and sore throats to digestive ailments and motion sickness -- can benefit from the homeopathic approach to wellness.  There will be no need to turn to unnecessary and potentially harmful medications to relieve everyday health complaints.  This will also mean fewer trips to the doctor's office and reduced medical expenses.  Armed with the information in this book and the will to fully understand homeopathic treatments, anyone can take control of their well-being and that of their loved ones safely and effectively."

About the Author

Vinton McCabe is both an author and an educator.  In his more than fifteen years as president of the Connecticut Homeopathic Association, he taught the philosophy and practice of homeopathic medicine to thousands of laypersons and medical professionals alike.  HE also developed educational materials into a number of published books, including Practical Homeopathy and Homeopathy, Healing, and You.

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