Facial Diagnosis of Cell Salt Deficiencies

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By David Card
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The condition of facial skin is a primary indicator of overall bodily health. Deficiencies in diet and metabolism, together with disease conditions, are easily observed in the face, if one knows what to look for. This book is about how to “read the face” to determine which essential cell salts (also known as tissue salts) are lacking in the body. When a diagnosis is determined, the patient can then remedy that condition by supplementing with the proper cell-salt.

Cell salts (tissue salts) exist in every human body. These are the inorganic biochemical elements found in the blood and tissues. They are the builders and the catalysts for many essential processes. For example, most people may have heard of potassium chloride, but few realize that it is a tissue salt (cell salt) essential to the digestive process. This salt unites with hydrogen to form HCL (hydrochloric acid), aids in the production of bile, serves as an alkalizer, and helps in digestive enzyme formation. Therefore, it is a dynamic component of health.

Twelve cell salts were identified in the 1850s by European scientists, and this knowledge was soon added to the materia medica of physicians and practitioners throughout Europe. Today, homeopathic practitioners and naturopathic doctors in the United States and other countries are beginning to revive the use of cell salt supplementation in successfully treating a spectrum of disease conditions.

This book instructs the practitioner, or the patient, in:

How to Read the Face: This book, complete with illustrations, guides the practitioner in what to look for in the face. Such cues as skin color, condition of eyebrows, size and color of lips, musculature of the face, blemishes and inflammations, the circles around or under the eyes, and many other characteristics, betray the excesses and deficiencies at work in the body.

How to Use Cell Salts: Detailed explanations are given to each of the twelve cell salts, which interestingly correspond to the twelve signs of the zodiac. Extensive lists are supplied of various disease or imbalance conditions that can be helped by cell salt supplementation.

About the Author

David R. Card is a certified nutritionist, certified homeopathic practitioner, and graduate of the University of Utah with a degree in psychology. He has been involved in the field of health and nutrition for over twenty years, and is the owner of three health stores in the Salt Lake City area. He has worked with thousands of clients over the years, utilizing kinesiology and homeopathy, as well as the methodologies of facial diagnosis and cell salt usage. A frequent lecturer, Dave teaches seminars and classes in both natural health and homeopathy.


Facial Diagnosis of Cell Salt Deficiencies is a fabulous, comprehensive resource that every physician who wants to incorporate natural medicine in their practice should have. ― Cindi Croft, D.O.

This book has helped me to efficiently and quickly identify weak areas in my clients' health. Cell salt supplementation has dramatically increased the general overall health and vitality of my clients. ― Christopher Noel, Licensed Massage Therapist, Energy Kinesiologist, Kinergetics Consultant

I strongly support Dave's book, and will recommend it to anyone, including those in the medical field, as a guide and for the application of Homeopathic medicine. ― Cesar Diaz, M.D., Family Practice/Natural Medicine

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