Yarrow Protection Magic 1 Oz

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Created by Bronwen Gates, local herbalist and flower essence practitioner.


Flower essences of White Yarrow, Yellow Yarrow, Pink Yarrow, Pink-White Hybrid Yarrow, sea salt, and brandy.

Directions for Use

Take a few drops orally on the tongue, or add 10 drops to a bottle or glass of water, and sip as needed.  You may also add the essence to bathwater, or use in a room spray.


Yarrow Protection Magic is beneficial for addressing both mundane stress and stressors in your day-to-day life, and also can be relied on under particularly challenging times to provide additional protection.  Each individual is unique, and what is stressful to one may not be stressful to another, yet it is also true that many individuals are recognizing their sensitivity has increased, and a shield or sheath of protection is needed while they develop the energetic “muscle” to handle this necessary and appropriate increase in sensitivity.

Yarrow Protection Magic offers a shielding from physical environmental stresses, such as fluorescent lights, electromagnetic frequencies, toxins in the food and water supply, and other dominating energies that are hazardous or unbalancing to your systems such as “alien” viruses, as well as emotional and psychic toxicity that is human generated.  Because this Blend is made in co-creative partnership with Faerie, it has the additional capacity to both contain and transform energies within your field that are alien and unbalancing to your energetic system, sourced from Faerie or other dimensions.

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