Unlocking Intuition CD

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4 Guided Meditations for Unlocking Intuition: Finding Answers in the Wisdom of the Heart

For this guided meditation for intuition and psychic development, noted psychotherapist Belleruth Naparstek records four beautifully narrated, thoughtfully constructed, guided imagery exercises designed to aid in developing intuitive ability through powerful, heart-opening and mind-expanding meditations.

Repeated listening results in cumulative capacity building of these important, natural, inborn gifts. Taken from her bestselling book, Your Sixth Sense, these exercises in guided meditation for psychic development help people solve puzzles and access answers to personal questions and troubling concerns, using the intuitive side of the brain and the subconscious parts of the mind. The track is as follows:

1. Introduction to Activating Your Psychic Ability (6:51)

2. Activating Your Psychic Ability (10:39)

3. Introduction to Your Place in Nature (3:11)

4. Your Place in Nature (16:18)

5. Receiving an Answer as a Gift (13:28)

6. Heart-to-Heart (11:35)

7. Heart-to-Heart Reciprocated (11:05)

This can be especially useful for questions that have been hard to sort out through strictly rational means. The four meditations for intuition building include: (1) Simple, Heart-Focusing Imagery; (2) Imagery to Dissolve into Universal Wisdom; (3) Imagery for Receiving an Answer as a Gift; and (4) a Heart-to-Heart Paired Meditation to Find Insight for Another.

This audio program also provides a complete set of instructions for unlocking this capacity, making the connection between meditation and intuition abundantly clear. Belleruth also offers practical tips on developing psychic abilities, all excerpted from Your Sixth Sense. After a few weeks of regular listening, people are generally surprised to discover their own innate gifts and how they can be put to work to clarify and resolve everyday challenges while enhancing the release and expression of natural creativity.

Listen to these powerful meditations for psychic development, and see for yourself how to your intuition can flourish as never before. (70 minutes).