TabTote® Classic 30 Day Pill Organizer

The TABTOTE® will help you stay organized and keep track of your daily doses. It holds your medication for up to 4 weeks; it has 2x15 generous compartments labeled 1 through 30 for each day of the month. Use your TABTOTE® for your once-a-day dose for four full weeks, or for your morning and evening dose, filling it twice a month! Another option is to use the two sets of 15 compartments for different medications – Timely and consistent dose taking is the key to maximize the full intended benefit of your medication.It’s all up to your specific medication needs!

TabTote Features

  • 30 large compartments for daily dosing
  • •Dispenses multiple pills daily in seconds
  • •Convenient loading of 15 days at a time
  • •Forward only movement for consistent daily dosing
  • •See through lid for easy dose verification 
  • •UV protection for sensitive pills
  • •Child resistant feature
  • •Built to last a lifetime
  • •Stand up space saving feature
  • •Spill proof opening

The Perfect Solution for Efficient Storage and Organization

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