Pachy Natural Deodorant

Long-lasting odor protection
  • 100% Plant + Mineral based natural deodorant
  • free of aluminum, parabens, synthetic preservatives and fragrances
  • No animal testing
  • Michigan-made product
  • Rustic MAKA® is a family-owned natural personal care company

Options available at Castle Remedies may include:

Calming Fields - Soothing notes of Lavender harmonized perfectly with invigorating scent of Spearmint. This yin-yang pairing complements each other for a delightfully refreshing experience.

Unscented Naughty Butter - This soothing blend captures subtle nutty tones of nutrient-rich, organic Shea butter and Coconut oil in a naturally clean and velvety base. Perfect for the most sensitive noses, no fuss, just pure odor protection.

Take a Hike for Men -  Take a hike through the woods with an energizing blend of Cedarwood and Nutmeg. With mild earthy undertones, this rugged, clean scent is sure to keep you fresh throughout most demanding tasks.

Lemongrass Gardens - Energizing blast of Lemongrass mixed with a hint of aromatic Sage. This long-lasting scent delivers citrusy bursts and effectively neutralizes body odor throughout the day.

Sweet Lemonade - Bright and playful notes of Orange and Lemon make this delightful combination light and easy. Sweet citrus takes a joyous forefront followed closely by the nutty base of organic Shea butter and Coconut oil.

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