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Neck Wrap

$ 35.00

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Microwavable neck wrap available in a variety of colors and patterns

This handmade neck wrap is enjoyable hot or cold.  Heat it in the microwave or chill it in the freezer!  Carefully hand-crafted by Castle Friend Haley Marie.  The top side has patterned fabric while the bottom side has soft, cozy fleece.  Filled with a mixture of rice and flax seed.  The designs features pocketed sections that keep the filling in place.


This handmade item comes in a beautiful variety of unpredictable colors and patterns.  Please call or email us to receive pictures of what we currently have in stock so that you can choose your favorite.


Microwave for 1 minute, turn pack over, microwave for 30 second intervals until desired temperature.  To enjoy cold, put in the freezer for at least 1 hour.


Do not overheat.  May cause burns or damage.


While laying flat:

15" across and15" tall

6" at its widest and 4.5" at its narrowest

Around 1" thick