Herbal Salve - Woodsy Warrior - 1 Oz - 50% OFF CLEARANCE

Apothecary Muse

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Handcrafted, small batch all-natural vegan skin care

Brand: Apothecary Muse

Based on the popularity of Woodsy Warrior Soap, we offer a salve that focuses on exposure to plants and insects so you can soothe your skin and reduce inflammation from irritation. Mountain bikers, mushroom foragers and backpackers will be happy to know that this salve is 100% plant-based. In addition to the time-honored jewelweed infusion which can be soothing to irritated skin from poison ivy or other irritants, there are Calendula and Witch Hazel extracts along with a skin-soothing blend of essential oils. Great care was taken to ensure a breathable consistency by adding moisture absorbing bentonite clay.

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