Face Masks - Solid Color

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$14 Each

  3Colors Available - Green, Gray, or Blue

- 100% Cotton Jersey
- 4 Layers - Pocket for filter
- Adjustable Tie Back Mask
- Handmade in USA

- Wash before first use
- Machine Washable or Hand Wash
- Line Dry or Tumble Dry Warm

What We Like About These Masks:
These masks are made from 4 layers of a very soft and comfortable material - 100% cotton.  There is a built-in pocket for filters, which can be made from coffee filters, extra layers of cloth, or homemade from other materials for extra protection.  We prefer the tie-back style masks because they can be adjusted for comfort and fit.  The tie-back strings on this mask are slightly stretchy, which increases comfort and makes it easier to tie.  The size is generous yet fitted, making this mask appropriate for both men and women, and allows the mask to conform more snugly at the nose. The mask holds it shape and comfort after being washed and dried on high heat settings.

- These masks are not FDA-cleared. Please note these are not a replacement for medical grade N95 masks or PPE, but are meant for general public use. Masks do not replace or reduce the necessity to practice social distancing