Pottery - Large Vase - Lavender

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  • $59
  • Code: LVL (Large Lavender Vase)
  • Approximate Dimensions: 4.75" Tall, 2.75" Base, 3.25" Opening/Width
  • Water safe

Jeanette uses a variety of traditional techniques to produce work. Her studio is a 300 sq. ft. converted garage. It is too cold or too hot, depending on the season. But (most of the time) she loves it anyway. Working on the potter’s wheel, as well as handbuilding and slip-casting. Jeanette fires in an electric kiln.

Her heavily illustrated works are colored with colored slip and underglaze. She uses a sgraffito tool to individually carve each piece. After bisque firing, she inlays the dark lines for her illustrations. Some work is produced in original molds (which she loves/hates to make herself.) All glazes and colored slips are made in-house.