Concentration, Focus and Learning CD

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A Guided Meditation to Help with Concentration, Focus & Learning (Including ADD, ADHD, & LD)

This Guided Meditation for ADHD and improving focus and concentration is for anyone looking to successfully marshal the coherent, focused energy needed to learn, work or reach an intended goal, in a natural, holistic way. Here's the track list:

1. Introduction (2:17)

2. Guided Imagery (22:05)

3. Affirmations (22:40)

The guided imagery and affirmations on this ADHD meditation program boost the ability to concentrate and complete tasks; help ramp up organized planning for greater efficiency and effectiveness; increase capacity for patience, calm and inner quiet; encourage a steady, incremental growth of work skills; and enhance self-esteem and feelings of mastery.

Guided Imagery is a holistic, mind-body technique that consists of positive words and images, set to soothing music, to achieve specific healing or performance goals. Repeated listening once or twice a day for 2-3 weeks ensures maximum impact. A separate track of affirmations offers briefer versions of these same empowering images and ideas on how to increase focus, concentration and confidence, for those who prefer listening to a briefer format, while on the go or even while driving.

This evidence-based Health Journeys™' audio resource for concentration meditation was written and narrated by guided imagery and holistic health expert Belleruth Naparstek, scored to the soothing music of Steven Mark Kohn, and produced by the Cleveland Orchestra's Bruce Gigax.

An excellent meditation for ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), LD (Learning Disability) and other challenges, this concentration meditation for teens or adults will cumulatively enhance confidence and success. It can be used to complement medication and tutoring or as a stand-alone resource. See why this popular program is such a word-of-mouth favorite and so heartily recommended by therapists, educators and employment coaches around the U.S. and the English speaking world. (47 min.)