Awakening Body Cream 8.4 oz. Pump Bottle

Magnesium-Rich Body Cream


  • Natural Magnesium-Rich Skin Care for the Entire Body (including the face)!
  • Superb daily, anti-aging skin lotion for youthful and elastic skin
  • Rapidly absorbs to a silky, non-greasy finish
  • Magnesium soothes skin irritations such as psoriasis and eczema.
  • Subtle and calming aroma.
  • Aroma blend of lavender, ylang flower, lemon, lime and the Rose of Sharon.
  • Aroma dissipates within 5 minutes of application.
  • Vegan skin care. Never tested on animals. Contains no animal ingredients!
  • Contains no mineral oils. Paraben-free
  • Noncomedogenic — safe for facial use. Great for skin anywhere on the body
  • Satisfaction guaranteed.

This rich, concentrated magnesium body cream aids the health of all skin types, from your toes to the tip of your nose! Apply it sparingly -- a little goes a long way -- but if your skin is especially dry or irritated, feel free to apply in one or more layers.

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