Essential Oils in Jojoba Oil .5 fl oz

Aura Cacia Essential Oils in Jojoba Oil are:
  • Essential Purity Tested
  • No synthetic colors stabilizers
  • No synthetic fragrances
  • No animal testing
  • Paraben free
  • Pure essential oils
 Available Essential Oils in Jojoba Oil Include:
German Chamomile in jojoba oil
  •  Warm herbaceous aroma
  • Calming oil with a beautiful deep indigo color
  • Add to skin care oils to make them soothing.


Helichrysum in jojoba oil
  • Sourced from the French island of Corsica
  • Herbaceous, honey-like top note
  • Go-to oil for various skin concerns


Jasmine Absolute in jojoba oil
  • Common ingredient in perfumes
  • Exotic floral aroma
  • Sensual oil, an ideal addition to intimate massage
Neroli in jojoba oil
  • Distilled from the flowers of the bitter orange tree
  • Deep, intoxicating floral aroma.
  • Soothes agitated nervous states
  • Is especially effective for relief from despair and grief.
Roman Chamomile in jojoba oil
  • Sweet, apple-like aroma
  • Soothes skin flare-ups and body soreness
  • Combine with lavender for relaxing bath
  • Mix with distilled water to make a calming mist


Rose Otto in jojoba oil
  • Distilled form the ancient damask rose
  • Effect on the emotions and spirit, bringing harmony and peace; dispelling fear and tension.
  • Simply inhale the aroma to realize the benefits.


Sandalwood in jojoba oil
  • Valuable perfume fixative
  • Powerful earthy, woody scent
  • Inspires insight and spiritual elevation


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