Anti-Bug Balm 2 oz. Tin

Organic and all-natural mosquito repellent

USDA Certified Organic - All Natural Mosquito Repellent

Certified Organic and 100% natural DEET-free bug repellent.
Independently lab tested to repel mosquitoes and stable flies.
Smells great and works great!
Great for use by the whole family.
All Badger balms are certified organic and petrolatum-free.

Good for the Skin. Bad for the Bug. ® Certified organic and all natural DEET-free bug and mosquito repellent uses organic and all-natural citronella, cedar, and lemongrass, essential oils used for centuries to naturally repel biting insects. Our tried and true formulation has a base of organic extra virgin olive and castor oil to soothe and soften skin. Smells great and works great; you won’t find DEET, petrolatum, or any other chemicals. Great for use by the whole family!

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