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CBD Products
by Zuri

We have some great deals on some extra stock of our Zuri CBD products.  Zuri makes high quality CBD isolates, which means there is 0.0000% THC in them. Read on for more info...

Oil Tinctures
This line features an oil-based tincture composed of organic hemp seed oil and grape seed oil.  The bottle has a measured pump dose, which is taken orally.

Wellness Drops - 1,500mg/bottle
Peppermint Flavor

Normally $86.99 30% Off
Expire 08/21
Wellness Drops - 1,500mg/bottle
Natural Flavor
(Nutty Hemp Seed)
Normally $86.99 30% Off
Expire 09/21

CBD Gummies

CBD Gummies 30C Bottle
Tropical Punch Flavor

Normally $82.99 30% Off

CBD Capsules

CBD Capsules 30C Bottle

Normally $54.99 30% Off
Expire 08/21

CBD Topicals

CBD Lotion 4 Oz

Normally $56.99 30% Off

CBD Freeze 4 Oz

Normally $59.99 30% Off

Limited - While Supplies Last!