About Our Staff

Our Friendly, Knowledgeable Staff

At Castle Remedies, we have a small and close-knit staff.  Our values include treating each other with respect and kindness while working together in harmony to best serve you!  We are united by a love for animals and an interest in holistic medicine.


Caitlin, Store Manager

Caitlin has worked at Castle Remedies since 2012.  She is passionate about herbs and is a graduate of David Winston's Center for Herbal Studies, the Gaia Center of Ann Arbor, and has also studied with herbalist Jim McDonald.  She enjoys gardening, cooking, and reading; the latter usually with a lap cat or two.  She is a volunteer coordinator of the Great Lakes Herb Faire.


Karen and Cheri 

Karen began working at Castle Remedies in 2014.  She is one of our two buyers and is also in charge of keeping our homeopathic pharmacy stocked.  Daily, she fields requests for rare and unusual remedies, researches availability, and makes the connection happen.  You can rest easy in her care!  She enjoys coffee, crossword puzzles, and spending time with family.



Taj and Kermit 

 Taj started working at Castle Remedies early in 2017.  She is our other buyer and works diligently to keep your favorite products in stock, including our fabulous gifts and jewelry.  She has excellent taste in many things, including picking out the coolest, prettiest, and most elegant gifts and jewelry.  Taj enjoys watching Saturday Night Live, listening to music, and taking naps.


Natalie and Flo

Natalie joined our team early on in 2020.  She is a jack of all trades, helping to answer the phone, receive shipments, process orders, and stock the pharmacy.  She is especially good at arranging the jewelry cases in a dazzling fashion.  She has a great sense of humor.  Natalie enjoys hiking, gardening, and expanding her collection of house plants.