Welcome To Our New Website

July 21, 2016

Welcome To Our New Website

We are so happy to share with you our greatly improved, user friendly and truly beautiful website, designed and created by our own talented Jerri Dodge.  Let me give you a little tour of some great features. Click on our Home Page to go on a pictorial voyage that defines the Castle spirit.


On this page you will also find our weekly blog abundant with information and stories related to staying happy, healthy and giving.  Here you have the opportunity to search previous blogs, sign up for our newsletter and most importantly provide us with your feedback. Learning so much from each other,we welcome everyone into the conversation.

Click on Our Products to find everything you need to know about our nutritional supplements, including ingredient listings. You will also discover comprehensive information on our homeopathics, infants and children’s specialty products and books,  as well as additional  items that support your healing journey. Looking for something specific? Make sure to use our search box at the top left of each page.  

We want to reward your loyalty with appreciation in the form of specialized discount programs and offers. With a click of the Savings and Coupons button you can discover these programs and weekly deals.

Castle has been offering classes in homeopathic home care for over 30 years.  You are most welcome to attend these workshops.  Find out more about your facilitator, content of class, fees, scheduling and registration, by clicking on the Classes button.

Castle Remedies is fortunate to be sharing space in these beautifully restored Queen Ann Houses, which were moved from downtown Ann Arbor in 1987. You can see a digitized video of the move by clicking on the Castle Remedies Fun page in the About Us drop down menu. There are several professionals in our building who practice medicine, counseling, massage, chiropratic, acupuncture, homeopathy and more. In addition the houses accommodate a St. Joe’s Laboratory for your convenience.

Please click on the Practitioners button to reveal contact information for all residents of the Huron Parkway Center.

And lastly, please feel free to contact us by phone or e-mail anytime.  We welcome your inquiries, your feedback, your orders and most of all a chance to get to know you better.  Please click on the Contact button any time.

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