Studies to Watch: Clinical Trials of Homeopathy for COVID-19 Are Underway Across the World

July 18, 2020

Studies to Watch: Clinical Trials of Homeopathy for COVID-19 Are Underway Across the World

From the American Institute of Homeopathy:
“Anticovid, the open access platform which gathers all available information regarding global clinical trials for SARS-CoV 2, lists ten clinical trials assessing the potential of homeopathy in the treatment and prevention of COVID-19 symptoms. Some of them are observational, and others are controlled, randomized, and double-blind. The ten clinical trials are being conducted in Brazil, China, Cuba, India, and Iran.

You can find all ten trials here:

For more on Anticovid:


In this blog, we will take a closer look at each study and highlight which homeopathic remedies the scientists are using in their approaches.  At the time of writing, these studies are still underway, or are just beginning.  It will be interesting to keep tabs on these studies and patiently wait for the results.


One interesting note is that most of the studies (9 out of 10) are using pre-chosen remedies for the entire patient population, rather than choosing an individualized remedy based on the symptoms presented by each patient.  Tailoring the remedy choice to the patient and using a single remedy at a time form the basis of classical homeopathic practice.  However, this classical approach does not translate well to epidemics.  This “constitutional” approach requires lengthy, time consuming interviews, which reduces the number of patients that in-demand homeopaths can help.


Homeopathy has been utilized in past epidemics, such as when Hahnemann used Belladonna to treat scarlet fever.  Ever since then, many different approaches to treating epidemic diseases with homeopathy have been proposed and explored.  An epidemic disease often manifests a similar symptom picture in those whom it afflicts.  This common symptom picture often leads practitioners to a single remedy which is used in the majority of cases, known as the “Genus Epidemicus.” Cuba has seen success in the past few decades using homeopathic combinations prophylactically during disease outbreaks.  Read more about that here:


The single remedies chosen in these studies have been chosen based on symptoms common in most COVID-19 infections.  Some of these studies appear to be an attempt to find and prove the “epidemic remedy,” or genus epidemicus. 



The Studies


  1. Homeopathy for Covid-19 in Primary Care, South America
    This is a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial targeting 100 patients with mild cases of Covid-19.  The remedy used is Natrum muriaticum LM2.


  1. Study to Evaluate Preventive Effect of Ayurveda and Homeopathy Treatment in COVID-19, India
    This 50-person interventional study includes healthy volunteers who have a high chance of COVID-19 exposure. The study aims to evaluate the effectiveness of Arsenicum Album 30C along with an Ayurvedic “Rasayana” remedy known as “Nasya with AnuTailoa in PratimarshaMatra,” which has shown beneficial effects in many upper respiratory conditions.
    Note: I think it would have been useful to have two separate studies, one testing Arsenicum Album 30C by itself, and one testing the Ayurvedic medicine by itself.
  2. Proving the Efficacy of Homeopathic Treatment in Prevention and Cure of COVID-19, India.
    A cluster randomized trial targeting 100 patients who have been diagnosed with COVID-19, but have not reached a stage where they need ventilator or life support. This study is taking place at a homeopathic clinic with over 20 full-time homeopaths overseeing patients.  The remedies used include: Arsenicum album, Camphora, Bryonia alba, Helleborus niger, and Justica adhatoda, in 30C, 1M, and 3X potency.  It’s not stated explicitly whether all 4 remedies will be given to each patient, or if patients will receive 1 of 4 remedies based on presenting symptoms.
  3. Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Ipecac Homeopathic Remedy in Control of Clinical Manifestations of COVID-19, Iran.
    This double blind, 60-person clinical trial focuses on testing a single remedy, Ipecac, in an undisclosed potency. This same remedy is given to each ill participant.  It’s worth checking the materia medica entry for Ipecac, a remedy most known for its use in extreme nausea or vomiting.  This remedy has many indications for respiratory symptoms. Ipecac Materia Medica link:
  4. Homeopathy as Adjuvant in Management of COVID-19 Infection, India
    Randomized, parallel group, placebo controlled trial involving 100 participants who have been diagnosed with COVID-19. This is the one study using individualized homeopathic treatment.  This means that each patient may receive a different homeopathic remedy, depending on the unique symptoms that they are experiencing.  This is a promising study to watch!
  5. Homeopathy in Prevention of COVID-19, India
    This interventional study aims to have a whopping 10,000 participants test the effectiveness of Arsenicum Album 30C in the prevention of COVID-19. The study is taking place in COVID-19 hot spots in Delhi, India.  Arsenicum Album 30C will be given twice daily for 7 days.
  6. Clinical Trail on Effects of Homeopathic Medicine Made From Cadamba on COVID-19, India
    Aiming for 100 participants, this clinical trial has a unique and interesting quality to it. The head researcher seems to have manufactured his own homeopathic remedy from a plant known as Cadamba.  In the “Brief Summary” portion, he lists the actions of the “raw material,” or the herbal actions of this plant, and says he believes they may match the symptoms of COVID-19.  We could not find an English Materia Medica entry for homeopathic Cadamba, so we are unsure whether this is the first time this plant has been made into a homeopathic remedy.
  7. Study on Home Pharmaceutical Care for Chronic Patients Over the Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia Epidemic, China
    This Chinese observational study is limited to homeopathic patients who have chronic diseases and are recovering from COVID-19 infection using homeopathic care. There’s not a lot of information available yet, but this is certainly an interesting premise for a study.
  8. PrevengHo-Vir Homeoprophylaxis COVID-2019, Cuba
    Researchers in Cuba are performing a clinical trial to study a particular homeopathic combination product known as PrevengHo-Vir for use as a prophylactic treatment to prevent COVID-19 infection. This product has a track record of being using in past influenza outbreaks in Cuba.  It is a combination of the following remedies: Anas berberiae 200C, Baptisia tinctora 200C, Bacillinum 30C, Pyrogenium 200C, Eupatorium perf 200C, Influenzinum 200C, Arsenicum album 200C.   
  9. A Clinical Trial to Study the Efficacy of Homeopathic Medicine in Prevention and Cure of Corona Virus Disease, India
    A 100-patient interventional, randomized cluster study in India. This trial will evaluate the effectiveness of Arsenicum Album 30C in the treatment of patients who have either been diagnosed with COVID-19 or who are in quarantine.


*This information is not intended to be used as medical advice, or to diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease.  We present this information with the hopes that it will serve as a resource for those interested in reading about the scientific study of homeopathic medicine.  If you wish to take steps to bolster your health, contact us for a list of local holistic practitioners who may be able to help.  If you suspect that you have COVID-19 or have been exposed to someone diagnosed with COVID-19, contact your doctor or hospital immediately for further instruction.