Coronavirus & Del-Immune

March 05, 2020

Coronavirus & Del-Immune



Will Del-Immune V Protect Against Coronavirus?


A Message from Dr. Sichel, the Microbiologist who Developed Del-Immune V®



Our customers, who trust Del-Immune V to keep them free from cold and flu viruses, are asking if Del-Immune V will protect against coronavirus (COVID-19). 


Since coronavirus is a new virus, we’ve not yet been able to complete research or clinical trials with Del-Immune V. However, I can provide information and my experience regarding how Del-Immune V works to support the immune system in warding off other viruses like influenza and rhinovirus.


Del-Immune V is a powerful immunomodulator. This means it naturally supports the defense mechanisms of the immune system as a whole and enhances the body's antiviral defenses by stimulating the formation of interferons and other antiviral mediators. A strong immune system is critical for combatting viruses that invade the body. 


In clinical studies, Del-Immune V was found to actively resist various influenza viruses in children with viral asthma deposits. In other words, Del-Immune V provides support against viral antigens presented by influenza, parainfluenza, rhinovirus and adenovirus.


My favorite evidence for Del-Immune V’s effectiveness comes from our very own customers. For the last twenty years we've consistently received sincere expressions of gratitude from our customers via email, hand-written notes and phone calls. The common theme is: I’m surrounded by germs and viruses because I work in a hospital/senior care/school/transportation facility, but I simply don’t get sick when taking Del-Immune V.


So while I can’t definitively say whether or not Del-Immune V will protect against coronavirus at this time, I certainly hope it will perform as well as it has with other viruses to keep our customers, friends and family healthy this cold and flu season.

If you feel you may have symptoms of coronavirus, call your healthcare provider.


If you have further questions regarding Del-Immune V, see the Frequently Asked Questions section on our website, or give us a call at 303-530-7761.


Very best to you and your health,


Luba Sichel, PhD

CEO & Chief Scientist

Pure Research Products


For more information regarding the development of the novel coronavirus outbreak, we suggest visiting the CDC’s official website at


This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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