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About Us

The Parkway Center Building

The Parkway Center, our purple Queen Anne Victorian building, is actually comprised of two houses originally built in the mid 1880s. These beauties were once located at 410 and 416 S. Main St., near Packard in Ann Arbor. In July of 1987, Drs. Lev Linkner and Dennis Chernin made the bold move of transporting these houses to their present location. Their love of historic houses drove them to accomplish this feat even though it would have been less expensive to build a brand new building with modern materials. The move itself had many spectators lining the streets of Ann Arbor, and was documented in the Ann Arbor News. The result is an eclectic and comfortable setting filled with MDs, Homeopaths, Massage Therapists, Acupuncturists, Nutritionists, Chiropractors and us! It is a well known structure in Ann Arbor and often when people call for directions they suddenly pause and say, "Oh, you're in the big purple house, right!" We are certainly unique.

We Work with Practitioners

Castle Remedies works with the practitioners in our building, the Parkway Center, as well as practitioners in all of southeast Michigan. If you'd like us to carry specific products for you or your clients, please contact us at 734-973-8990.

We fill prescriptions from local, national and international practitioners. Prescriptions may be submitted by fax (734-973-0316), e-mail, over the phone (734-973-8990) or mail (2345 S. Huron Pkwy, Ann Arbor, MI 48104).

View our over the counter remedy list and prescription remedy list. Other remedies may be special ordered if they are listed on the Boiron Over the Counter Drug list.


Our Friendly, Knowledgeable Staff:

Mary Tillinghast Mary Tillinghast, Manager

When she first moved to Ann Arbor over 25 years ago, she introduced herself to a lovely girl who turned out to be the mother of four children, and married to Dr. Ed Linkner, a well loved, local family physician who uses homeopathy in his medical practice. They became friends, and within a short time she began helping him dispense homeopathic medicines from his office. She found herself fortunate in finding a job and a mentor at the same time. Castle Remedies grew out of this experience, and has served the community for over twenty-five years with Mary in tow. Over these years she has watched interest in homeopathy steadily grow. She has much enjoyed watching people learn that natural self-care is not difficult, and it is important for each of us to be aware of how our individual bodies and minds respond to our environment. Mary believes that when we are working with a practitioner of any type, it is only to all our benefit that we participate in our own wellness.

After raising four children, she now delights in traveling as much as possible. Mary has lived in Ireland, been to Vietnam, Turkey, and France. Her list of places yet to see is long, but she would especially love to go to one of those islands somewhere, where you just lie on the beach.

Carolyn Carolyn

Carolyn has been interested in homeopathy and healing for years, as a natural outgrowth of her involvement in the natural foods movement. With five grown children, four grandchildren and two dogs who all use homeopathy, Carolyn has extensive experience using alternative medicine and flower essences for treating all members of the family, including pets. Be sure to check out Carolyn's Soothing Herbal Baths for mothers and babies, sold exclusively at Castle Remedies.

Caitlin Caitlin

Caitlin has been deeply interested in medicine and healing since a young age. She studied for three years at a conventional pharmacy college before changing direction and sparking an interest in alternative healing therapies. Caitlin enjoys studying and learning new information that deepens her understanding of healing. Some of her favorite subjects to learn about include Chinese medicine, herbalism, homeopathy, nutrition, flower essences, crystals and energy healing. Her passion lies in discovering and understanding the common threads that tie together healing modalities from all across the world, regardless of age. It is this passion for learning that naturally drew her to Castle Remedies. In her free time, Caitlin spends her time painting, reading, meditating, cooking and attending to her herb garden.